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Alzheimer’s & Hockey to CBD

At some point in our lives we feel invincible. That nothing could happen to us and severe life changing injuries won’t happen. As an athlete, I was always aware of the possibility that I could receive a career ending injury, but I still believed that with all my training that my body wouldn’t get to that point. Until, it happened.  I played ice hockey at the top tier as a youth and that blossomed to the fortunate career I had both at the NCAA and minor pro levels. I received a concussion in my last season playing, call it ignorance or complete neglect but I ignored the symptoms, because as most hockey players and/or athletes know, we are addicted to the game. I considered it minor until the dizzy spells began. I returned home and decided to take it upon myself to finally see a doctor. Which I heard the very words I never thought I’d hear. POST CONCUSSION syndrome. At that point I knew my professional hockey career was over.   My whole life that’s all I knew, hockey. Devastated I took the news terribly. Fell into a downward spiral and pushed myself into a depression. Along with the symptoms that come with PCS, I had to deal with the self induced mental depression that gave me little to no drive. After a year I was making progress and learning to live with all the symptoms. Including, severe headaches, dizziness, and zero mental clarity. Then in my eyes terror struck. I was told I needed to see a neurologist that specialized in my particular case. Learned that I had brain damage in my frontal lobe and soon after that I was told I have early stages of Alzheimer’s. The only thing I could think of was not remembering. My family, my friends, the amazing memories growing up, teammates and coaches, etc.  Thankfully I had exercises to help prevent and/or delay full blown Alzheimer’s. Then Brendon, a former teammate in Juniors, reached out and spoke to me about the benefits of CBD and how it has helped him tremendously with his own health. I decided to give it try. Over the past three months since I’ve used Montana Sungrown products I began to have mental clarity, my headaches occurred less and less, and the dizziness disappeared. I am now able to live my life without having to carry around migraine medication and I stopped my antidepressants.  Montana Sungrown’s CBD shatter was giving me the ability to live everyday symptom free. Between the brain exercises, crosswords, sudoku, reading for memorization, and the CBD products that Montana Sungrown offers I feel like myself again. After two years of constant symptoms I am basically free of them. I don’t get headaches exerting myself, my ability to stay focused has increased, and the inner turmoil from depression has disappeared.  Whether you have depression, lingering illness, or body pain from old or current injuries, Montana Sungrown products are 10/10. I can’t express my appreciation enough for Brendon and his mother, for introducing their products, which may of saved me from myself. -Daniel Chang

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